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DiDi and Ali Baba, is Strategic Shaming Strategic?
September 19, 2021

China must consider how to square its economic and financial expansionism with its tendency for regulatory policy. Hear from Kaiyue, Luke and Haiyue as they explore China's past and contemporary regulatory behaviour.


What caused the 2020 Beirut explosion? Analysing a broken system
September 14, 2021

How did the Beirut Port explosion and subsequent financial crisis happen? Join Chamindu, Jade, Morgan, and Stephen as they analyse these dual crises through financial, economic, historical, and international lenses.


FSA X Cainz debate: That social media positively contributes to one’s financial education
September 14, 2021

The internet is the library of the 21st century, and more than ever people are using it to stay informed on financial matters. But is this a positive way to improve ones financial knowledge?


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