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The Technological Revolution in The Labour Market
May 31, 2022

Since the industrial revolution, new technologies have disrupted the labour market. While machines have replaced production line workers, the rise in productivity brought about by new technologies has benefitted other…


The fall of the unicorn: has the startup bubble finally burst?
May 28, 2022

With the stock market tumbling and tech stocks being hit hard, start-up valuation has been brought into question. Many start-ups are high-risk operations, and are not expected to record profits in the short-term. Join Chamindu, Vlad, and Alex as they explore how start-ups are actually valued by venture capital funds, the current VC environment, and the future outlook of start-up investment.


Buying Australian vs Free Trade: An Analysis into the Costs and Benefits of Protectionism
May 26, 2022

Join Casey, Vidhi and Morgan as they explore the merits and demerits of protectionism to the Australian economy and the wider society.


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