Viridian Advisory: Behind the Scenes Workshop

March 22, 2021

Registration link for the second event with Viridian Advisory:

Cainz is proud to present our second event with Viridian Advisory during this semester – behind the scenes workshop.

In the previous event, we have gained a general knowledge of Viridian Advisory, investment management, and walked through a case on family investment strategy together with the Executive Advisor, Joanna.

Get a general idea of the first event here if you missed out: https://www.facebook.com/events/4043177689047505

In this upcoming event, we will carry on with three more investment case studies on “goal to be debt-free”, superannuation, and taking control of your share portfolio, respectively.

Professionals from Viridian Advisory will strip away the layers and dive deep into the questions of clients, and provide their general view based on each case.

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