Cainz 2022 Semester 2 O-Week

July 11, 2022

Meet Cainz at the FBE Expo and the UMSU C&S Clubs Expo!

Cainz is a commerce-centric club aimed at bridging the gap between academic concepts and professional practice. We focus on providing our members opportunities to expand their knowledge on relevant real world issues whilst learning new skills and developing their abilities. This semester we’ll be hosting a variety of events ranging from workshops and seminars to panel discussions and networking sessions. We also publish regular articles as part of our publication, the Cainz Digest, as well as quick-read infographics designed to keep you up-to-date on global, current affairs. Be sure to keep a lookout!

We will be there to answer all your questions on the:

  • 19st July 2022: 12:30 – 3 PM (FBE On-Campus – Wilson Hall, Parkville); and
  • 21st July 2022: 11 AM – 2 PM  (UMSU On-Campus – Lvl 2. Union Hall, Parkville)

The CAINZ Digest is published by CAINZ, a student society affiliated with the Faculty of Business at the University of Melbourne. Opinions published are not necessarily those of the publishers, printers or editors. CAINZ and the University of Melbourne do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of information contained in the publication.